Waterless Car Wash

The team at Chemical Guys have invented a waterless car wash that cleans and protects every car.

This eco-friendly cleaner and protectant is perfect for South Florida's weather and sensitive environment.

At Clean Driven, we clean your car or truck without water, protect the paint, and even use our exclusive blends to restore faded color to your paint job.

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Florida's sun, sand, and water are why we live here. It's also the thing that's destroying your car's paint job. All those abrasives, driven by the wind and water, are like a microscopic sandpaper slowly working to make your favorite car look old and faded.

Using Chemical Guys waterless car wash, we're able to restore your paint job and protect it for a year or more from everything that happens in South Florida.

Because it's waterless, we wash your car right in your driveway or parking lot. Call us at (561) 562-0287 or use the button below and we'll come right to your home or office.

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The cleaning compound we use on the exterior of your car not only removes dirt, but it applies a protective layer. This layer is doubled with an exclusive wax compound that keeps your vehicle great.


Over the years, not too many in Florida, the sun and sand dull your paint job. Using our exclusive combination of compounds and tools, we restore your car's finish.

We can fill small scratches, protect the paint, and restore that factory-direct luminous color that you first fell in love with!

Call us at (561) 562-0287 to learn more.

Important note: These compounds and cleaning agents are so gentle, we confidently use them on any vehicle, no matter how expensive.

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For safe and complete cleaning of your vehicle’s exterior, it’s hard to compete with the waterless washing from Clean Driven. Our top-quality cleaning supplies are tough on dirt and easy on your paint, so you will always get a gleaming vehicle without the risk of scratching or damaging the paint.

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