Clean Driven is the greater Palm Beach, Florida, area's leading auto detailing company. Using the latest chemical technologies and techniques, we're able to clean your car so well, it's restored to factory-new cleanliness.

Owned and operated by gearheads who LOVE cars and trucks, Clean Driven is about passion - passion for the amazing feeling that your car is 100% cleaned and even sanitized when you get into it.

The customer experience is simple: Book an appointment and let us into your vehicle when we arrive. The next time you see your vehicle, it will be spotless and incredibly clean.

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Car wash services
Car wash services

From Lambo to Ford, Porsche to Fiat, our team has cleaned and detailed every imaginable vehicle.

We know how to treat every interior, from vinyl to hand-crafted wood, with the TLC it needs.

Because we come to your home or office, we're here for everyone who wants a great looking vehicle:

  • Gearheads who want their machine to stand out.
  • Sports car lovers that love a shiny new-looking racer.
  • Busy executives who need a vehicle that looks great when they leave the office.
  • Parents that want to drive a car, truck, or van that's clean and smells great.

If you're in South Florida, contact us to come to your place. Clean Driven cleans and protects your vehicle and puts you back in a driver's seat you're proud to be in.

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Your Place, Your Time Auto Detailing

No one has time to sit at the car wash or drive across town to have their car detailed.

That's why a Clean Driven comes to your home or office. We do the detailing in your driveway or parking lot. Using a waterless car wash, we don't need even a hose.

Available from 7 am to 7 pm, Monday through Friday, we're here to fit your schedule. We work anywhere in Palm Beach and St. Lucie counties, Florida, so we're where you need us to be.

Convenience is what we offer - Professional auto detailing is what we do!

Call Clean Driven - (561) 562-0287 - for Professional Mobile Detailing

Full service means we not only do all the work, we do it where you want and when you want.

Call us today for an appointment.