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Make Your Car Look Like New with Clean Driven Mobile Detailing

The team at Clean Driven is the area’s leading mobile detailing service. From rinseless car washing to interior detailing that’s simply amazing, we make any vehicle look fantastic.

Using the latest technologies, we’re able to clean and protect your vehicle’s interior, exterior, and tires from the heat, salt air, and humidity of South Florida.

When you want to look your best in the Greater Palm Beach area, let the team from Clean Driven make your vehicle look like new.


We use Chemical Guys brand waterless wash to clean, shine, and protect your vehicle.

Our steam cleaning and disinfection can remove COVID-19 from your vehicle’s non-porous surfaces.

Because we’re 100% mobile, Clean Driven’s technicians come to your home or office and clean your car inside and out, while you live your life!

Car wash services

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The founders of Clean Driven, Matthew Page and Corey Surface, started the company because they saw the shoddy work being done by other detailing companies. Those guys would come out, vacuum, clean the glass, and throw on a layer of shiny protectant on the glass.

Matthew and Corey are car enthusiasts. They wanted their cars to look amazing. When they found all the perfect products to do that, they decided to start a business so your car or truck looks amazing too!

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How Clean Driven Details Your Auto

South Florida offers special challenges to cleaning your car. Heat, humidity, lots of rain and sand, wind, and pollen make even the most beautiful car look dingy in a few days… unless you have the secret formula.

Step 1 - Waterless Car Wash - Using a special product invented by Chemical Guys, we clean the exterior of your car and protect the finish.

Step 2 - We clean and vacuum the interior of your vehicle. Then we steam clean/disinfect the hard surfaces of your vehicle.

Step 3 - We detail every surface from the roof to the floorboards with the perfect non-toxic cleaning products to deliver a lasting clean that makes your car feel like new again.

Clean Driven - Keys to protecting your investment
Clean Driven - Keys to protecting your investment
Clean Driven - Keys to protecting your investment

The Finish is in the Shine

Auto finishes in Palm Beach and St. Lucie counties take a beating, with an insanely hot sun, pollutants, sand, dust, and lots of other abrasives and particles that buff the shine right off of your car.

Clean Driven restores that shine and protects it for a year or more with the advanced products we use. With a simple waterless car wash and shine, your vehicle will look great and, more importantly, be well-protected from the harsh elements of sunny south Florida.

Let Clean Driven make your car look great again!

Start today with an appointment to get your car cleaned and detailed by Clean Driven.

We’ll come to your home or office anywhere in the greater Palm Beach area.

Call us at (561) 562-0287 or contact us with questions.

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Car wash services